Confidentiality & Communication
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Confidentiality & Communication

Your intellectual property is our top priority. At Kenvox, we value your intellectual property and business interests as much as you do. We understand that these assets can be the foundation of your success and enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition. That's why we are committed to taking every possible step to protect them.

KENVOX pays high attention on protecting customers’ intellectual properties and business interest!
  1. Kenvox only focuses on contact and custom manufacturing, meaning we have no catalog products and no sales channel to sell or distribute our customers' products.  This is an added layer of security to an already robust system in which Kenvox handles customer confidentiality very seriously.


    Some examples of closely guarded customer articles include, but are not limited to: engineering documents, technical data, product or process specifications, material specifications, any kind of custom forumla, software, etc.


    Kenvox also assists our customers should the need arise to combat and fight against counterfeiting.  We will help investigate and provide sources or channels that can expedite the process of resolution!

  • NDA

    Non-disclosure Agreement

    Legal team will carefully review the terms prior to signature . Processes will be created and enforced to ensurecustomer confidentiality.

    Only specific authorized Kenvox personnel would have access to any sensitive customer data.

    Any outside source or third party vendor would be held to the same high standards of Kenvox with regards tocustomer'information and data

  • IP

    Interllectual Property

    Kenvox handles IP very seriously and has a multitude of processes in place to avoid any potential leak . 

    Since we doot produce any of our own products , the potential risk is next to none for Kenvox to take advantage of any IP .

  • EMA

    Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement

    1 . Kenvox will only manufacture this product type for the signing customer . We will not produce the same product orsimilar product type for the customer's competitor

    2 . Product , process , and customer identity will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the Kenvox project team

  1. One of the biggest barriers and risks when doing business with a China-based manufacturer is communication.  Since the majority of English speakers are inexperienced in processes, they lack the expertise to correctly and effectively communicate to both the customer and internal project teams.  An additional factor is the lack of English speaking management in these companies.

  2. Kenvox employs sales directors who have the ability to monitor communications and are fluent in both English and the manufacturing process.  Executive management, including the Vice President, are also fluent in English, providng another layer of communcation security.

  3. Teamwork is vital to successful projects.  For each project, a team will consist of at least a project team leader, product development manager, R&D engineer, outsourcing engineer, and quality engieer.  All correlations between departments are handled via our ERP system so that no step is missed and all processes are traceable.  This provides a solid project base which allows personnel to be seamlessly interchangeable.

3-level Conmmunication System

3-level Conmmunication System

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