Kenvox pays high attention on protecting customers' intellectual properties and business interest - Kenvox

Bring products from concept to reality by operating reliable and responsible supply chain methods, offering unique full one-stop-shop turnkey capabilities allowing Kenvox to reduce tooling and part manufacturing costs while shortening lead times.



KENVOX pays high attention on protecting customers’ intellectual properties and business interest!

Kenvox only focuses on contact and custom manufacturing, meaning we have no catalog products and no sales channel to sell or distribute our customers' products.  This is an added layer of security to an already robust system in which Kenvox handles customer confidentiality very seriously.

Some examples of closely guarded customer articles include, but are not limited to: engineering documents, technical data, product or process specifications, material specifications, any kind of custom forumla, software, etc.

Kenvox also assists our customers should the need arise to combat and fight against counterfeiting.  We will help investigate and provide sources or channels that can expedite the process of resolution!